Escape Room 2020

Catriona, Amanda, Eva, Dan, Richard, Matt

Christmas 2019 with the Campopiano group

Group Meal November 2018

Ayla, Amanda, Richard, Alex

Christmas 2017 with the Campopiano group

L-R, B: Stacey, Alex, Pete, Alexis, Van, Ben, Jo, Annabel, Dom.

L-R, F: Piera, Amanda, Fengxin, Silvia, Gary, Yanik

Dr Amanda Jarvis

Amanda obtained her MChem from the University of St Andrews (UK) and received a PhD from the University of York (UK).  After this she conducted postdoctoral research in the Dauban group (ICSN, Gif-sur-Yvette) and the Kamer group (St Andrews, UK). In 2015, she received a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship to continue working in Prof. Paul Kamer’s group on Artificial Metalloenzymes for the Oxidation of Alkanes (ArtOxiZymes). In 2017 she started her independent career as a Christina Miller Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, and has recently been awarded a UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship.

Present members

Evelina Venckute, PhD student

Evelina grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania. She obtained her BSc Chemistry degree from the University of Aberdeen where she completed her final year project on the chemoenzymatic peptide synthesis. During her undergraduate studies she also had an opportunity to spend a semester abroad studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Then she completed an MSc degree in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh where she then joined the group in 2020. Evelina’s PhD studies are funded by the EASTBIO doctoral training partnership and her research will focus on the design of artificial metalloenzymes.

Dr Richard Brewster, Postdoc

Richard graduated with an MChem from the University of Edinburgh with industrial experience in medicinal chemistry at UCB in Belgium. His PhD work with Prof. Alison Hulme focused on the design and synthesis of novel cysteine targeting protein post-translational modification mimics. He moved to the School of Biological Sciences for a year to work with Dr Stephen Wallace investigating whole cell catalysis reactions in E. coli before returning to the School of Chemisty to work with Dr Amanda Jarvis. His research interests will look at incorporating unnatural amino acids into protein scaffolds and screening their potential for metal binding and catalysis.

Dan Edwards, PhD student

Dan graduated with an MChem from the University of Lincoln, awarded the Bruker and BASF prize for best performance in chemistry. He recently completed an industrial research project establishing protocols for the manufacture and analysis of PEGylated protein therapeutics within regulated clinical studies, at Intertek Pharmaceutical Services Manchester. He joined the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh in 2019 in a collaborative research project with Dr Amanda Jarvis and Professor Scott Cockroft, supported by funding from EASTBIO. His PhD project aims to develop catalytically active transmembrane protein nanopores for applications in mechanistic elucidation and biochemical flow systems

George Love, BSc Project Student

George is a BSci (Hons) student in the School of Chemistry who has a deep interest in Sustainable Chemistry. He is really looking forward to exploring the green potential of artificial metalloenzymes  through his research project this year.

Eva Klemencic, PhD student

Eva graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She joined the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh to work with Amanda  on artificial metalloenzymes as part of her project work for MSc in Biochemistry. Her research focused on incorporation of unnatural amino acids that can bind metals into the protein scaffold and screening for the biocatalytic activities of these novel artificial metalloenzymes. She returned to the School of Chemistry in 2019 for a PhD with Amanda Jarvis, where she continues to work on the design of artificial metalloenyzmes.

Irati Colmenero, MChem Project Student

Irati is a final year MChem student that will be studying the use of cyclic peptides as scaffolds in metalloenzymes and explore their catalytic and medicinal properties. In her spare time she enjoys drawing, playing tennis and yoga.


Jingxuan Zhu, PGT Student, 2020

Matthew Vaughan, MChem Student, 2019-2020

Catriona Soden, MChem Student, 2019-2020

Ruburika Nagao, Summer Student, 2019

Ayla de Heney, MChem Student, 2018-2019

Alexander Daniels, Visiting student from Haverford College, 2018

Marie Jadoul, Erasmus student from Ensicaen, 2018 (Currently a PhD student at CEA, France)

Paul Rooney, MChem Student, 2017-2018

Yanik Becker, Erasmus Student from the University of Kaiserslautern, 2017 (Currently a PhD student with Professor Thiel, University of Kaiserslautern)

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