Prospective Undergraduates

We always welcome enthusiastic undergraduates with an interest in the boundaries of organic, inorganic and biological chemistry to join us for their BSc or Masters projects. Enthusiastic students with good academic records and an interest in our work should contact Amanda for information about possible summer placement projects before December 31st. In addition, we welcome placement students throughout the year dependant on funding.


Prospective Postgraduates

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Amanda directly to discuss potential projects, as funding is available from time to time. Specific projects will be advertised on 


An IBioIC CTP/EaSICAT studentship is available to work on Combining Artificial Metalloenzymes and Biosyngas production for Next-Generation Catalytic Hydroformylation. More details and information on how ro apply can be found HERE.


Additionally, a number of schemes are available to fund outstanding students directly (see below). If you are interested in applying for one of these schemes, please email Amanda with your CV including qualifications and grades, a brief description of your previous research experience and why you are interested in joining the group.


​​Carnegie PhD studentships

Principal's Career Development PhD Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships

China Scholarship Council

Postdoctoral positions will be advertised when available on here and through 

Position available: Synthetic Biology PDRA

Deadline Extended: 23rd April

We are seeking a synthetic biologist/pathway engineer or biochemist to join the group to work on a UK Catalysis Hub funded project in collaboration with the Wallace group in Edinburgh looking at developing designer microbes for biosyngas production.To apply and for further details see:

If you have secured your own funding and are interested in joining the group, please contact Amanda by email. If you are interested in applying for funding to come and work in the group, please send a CV and cover letter detailing why you want to join the group and potential projects of interest – we may be able to assist you. Some funding sources are listed below, though you should also check for relevant funding sources from your own country if you are a non-UK citizen.

Royal Society Newton Fellowships

Marie Curie Fellowships

Royal Commision for the Exhibition of 1851 Fellowships

Daphne Jackson Fellowships


Prospective Postdocs