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Awards and Prizes

2016             Scottish Crucible 2016 participant.

2014             Chemical Science Poster Prize at Dalton2014, Warwick, UK.

2010             Springer Poster Prize at Dalton Discussion 12: Catalytic C-H and C-X Bond Activation, Durham, UK.

                     Kathleen Mary Stott Prize in Chemistry – awarded to the most promising PhD students.

2007             Salters’ Graduate Prize (Chemistry) – awarded for the potential to occupy leading positions in the UK Chemical and allied industries.

                     Irvine Jubilee Prize and Medal – awarded for most distinguished student in 5th year class in Chemistry.

                     Forrester Prize – awarded for best student in Honours Chemistry class.

Oral Presentations

2017             Enzyme activity by design: an artificial rhodium hydroformylase for linear aldehydes, Enzyme Engineering XXIV, Toulouse, France.

2017             Increasing the structural understanding of artificial hydroformylases, 3rd UK Catalysis Conference, UK.

2015             Artificial metalloenzymes for catalysis, 1st UK Catalysis Conference, UK.

2013             Multidentate phosphine-alkene ligands and their late-transition metal complexes, ICSN-CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

2011             Adventures with (thio)phosphino-alkene ligands, University of Antwerp, Belgium.

2010             Novel multidentate phosphino-alkene ligands for catalysis, 7th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary.

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