Our research is interested in the application of biological architecture to the design of transition-metal catalysts, to develop highly selective catalysts for ‘unnatural’ reactions such as direct C-H amination. We are fascinated by the opportunities that artificial metalloenzymes offer in terms of enhancing selectivity and reactivity of reactions, whilst also offering routes towards more sustainable chemistry. The long terms aims of the group are to develop more sustainable catalytic chemistry, either using more abundant and easily accessible metals or improving the atom efficiency of the overall organic transformations by going towards the activation of small molecules - CO, nitrogen, ammonia.

We are interested in obtaining a well-rounded understanding of the catalysts and their reactions, and thus study catalyst development from a number of different perspectives such as enzyme engineering, inorganic/organometallic catalyst development and the application of these catalysis in chemical synthesis.


26th Ocotber 2020

Welcome to even more new group members

Arush has now arrived in the UK and will be joining us in the lab from November 2nd.

5th October 2020

Welcome to new group members

The group has been joined by a number of new members including Evelina, starting her EastBio funded PhD studentship), Irati, who joins us for her final year MChem project, and George who joins us for his BSc project. Welcome to all of them.

24th September 2020

The latest University of Edinburgh science magazine is out now focusing on Sustainability

Check out the contribuition from group member Eva on enzymes.

5th August 2020

Read our recent review on artificial enzymes and synthetic biology

A. G. Jarvis, Designer metalloenzymes for synthetic biology: Enzyme hybrids for catalysis, Curr. Opin Chem. Biol. 2020.

8th May 2020

PhD studentship available

A fully funded PhD studentship is available in the group. The project is to develop artificial photoactive metalloproteins. For more details click here. If you are interested in pursuing research into artificial metalloenzyme design for catalysis, and have a background in homogeneous catalysis, synthesis or bioinorganic chemistry, please get in contact with Dr Jarvis, and include a CV and cover letter.

6th Jan 2020

Hello to Catriona

We have been joined by Catriona, an MChem student who has returned to Edinburgh from Hong Kong following the unrest there. Catriona will continue to work on cycli peptides but with a focus on metal binding and potential applications in catalysis.

1st Jan 2020

Awarded the ASCUS ScotCHEM artist's commission

In collaboration with Honza Turnovsky, Amanda has been awarded one of the ASCUS-ScotChem art/science commissions that will see Honza create a series of work based on the science of the group. More details here.

25th Oct 2019

Success in writing competition

Well done to Eva, who received SCI membership for her essay on the group's work. See here for her article

16th Oct 2019

And we grow by one!

Matt has joined our group for his final year project as part of his MChem degree in Chemistry. He will be working on synthetic routes to unnatural amino acids. 

2nd Sept 2019

Goodbye and Hello

So after an exciting summer looking at palladium chemistry and proteins, we say goodbye to Ruburika  and wish her well in the final year of her BSc. After a short break (of two weeks!) we welcome back Eva, who is joining the group to continue working on Artificial Metalloenzymes. We also welcome Dan, a joint EastBio PhD student with the Cockroft group working on nanopores. 

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